Biography: (5) the future

Calligraphy knows almost no bounds. It can even be combined with other arts, including ceramics, wax dying (batik) and wood carving. It is always a joy to live our lives surrounded by harmoniously decorated objects.

So why not hang a calligraphy rendition of a famous saying or maxim on your wall? Some people leave these lovingly handmade gifts to their children or grandchildren-gifts that last sometimes for generations, a rich and personal legacy for their families.

Perhaps I am gradually achieving the mission assigned to me by my master. We have lots of plans, in any case. We were recently invited to participate in an exhibition in the U.S.

Through the
Japanese Calligraphy Association, we have also been asked to send our work to the Museum of Fine Arts in Tokyo. These two projects alone will keep us very busy in the days ahead.
In closing, I wish to assure you that I intend to keep working, to the best of my humble abilities, to train the new generation of calligraphers in Montreal, to develop this Japanese art in North America and, finally, to promote even more cultural exchanges between Canada and Japan.

March 1st, 2005
Hiroko OKATA,
Suiha Japanese Calligraphy School


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