Biography: (3) the spirit of calligraphy

The spirit of calligraphy lies in the expression shinga , literally "the image of the heart". Calligraphy reveals a great deal about you as the artist and your heart and spirit. It is a means of translating your metaphysical soul onto paper. It all starts with good posture. Then you pick up your brush, take a deep breath and pour all your vital energy into each brush stroke and dot on the paper.

Calligraphy is the art of varying lines. They may be heavy, light, full of life, even humorous or serious. They may be written quickly or slowly, thinly or thickly. The essential thing is that the whole should be in balance, and this is learned gradually through exercises and a good mastery of the basic techniques. Before setting brush to paper, you must concentrate, if you want the result to be satisfactory and full of grace.

It is an art that dates back 3,000 years. Many artistic disciplines in Asia have their roots in calligraphy and it is also closely related to visual arts around the world. It is often said that of all the arts calligraphy is the best mirror of the artist's personality. And isn't that personality the sun of all the artist's feelings? Looking at a piece of calligraphy, we also look at the artist and his or her emotions and life.


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